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Margherita Alfier School for Orphans


This project has special meaning for me as it is very near to my native village. Even I am amazed at the various segments of the population that are often neglected due to their rural proximity from mainstream society. The project I am about to describe can, in all sincerity, have a tremendous positive impact on the lives of an entire generation.

The Yanadula tribal community lives on the outskirts of Kamavarapukota, located approximately 20km from Eluru in Andhra Pradesh. It is comprised of approximately 250 families with 400- 500 children. The primary source of income for the families includes working as a daily labor and in the agricultural sector on the property of a landowner.

The Problem:

Unfortunately, due the lack of education the adults have received themselves, they do not understand the value that an education can provide to improve the lives of their children. As a result, out of the 400 – 500 children in the tribal community, only 40 – 50 attend school. This is unacceptable.

Studies have shown time and again that education is the key. It is only through receiving proper education that these children will be able to rise out of the despicable situation they find themselves in and to break the chains of poverty that are preventing them from reaching their full potential.

The Proposed Solution:

In order to address this unacceptable injustice to the next generation of adults, the following project has been established and needs your support.

The creation of theMargherita Alfier School for Orphans. The school, in its initial stages will provide a refuge for the children to use for additional educational support, the provision of a nutritious daily meal and an environment conducive to studying. This formal structure will help to positively shape their future and place them on the path to the successful completion of their primary, secondary and higher education.

The estimated construction costs for this much needed School for Orphans are shown below:

Indian Rupees: Forty Two Lakhs is equivalent to US Dollars: $57,000 

The following photos are just an example of the extremely poor conditions for the tribal community.

The following documents the progress so far in the construction of the school for orphans 2020.

How you can help:

In order to establish the project on firm ground, funds are needed to help construct the Margherita Alfier School for Orphans. As part of this project, the community will also be asked to contribute towards the realization of this goal. However, additional funds are needed to properly build the school to ensure its success.

Please visit the How You Can Help Page to make a contribution in any amount towards this truly critical project that will have a lasting and substantial impact on the tribal community.

Thank you for your support!

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