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Income Generating Project

The Milani Charitable Trust strives to be self-sufficient. One of the ways in which it is working towards this goal is through a Poultry Farming Project. Through the support of many donors a newly constructed poultry shed was constructed in order to properly shelter and manage the growth of the chickens.

The current poultry project can support up to 2,000 chickens during each growing cycle. Once the chickens have reached maturity they are sold in order to generate profit. The income generated after paying expenses in conjunction with the support of donors helps to provide for the educational needs of several dozen children.

Unfortunately, although a blessing to have a small means of generating income, the needs of the communities served by the trust are greater than that which can be supported by the existing poultry project. The goal is to expand the existing poultry farming project by constructing another shelter similar to the original to enable the growth of an additional 2000 chickens thereby doubling the existing capacity.

However, in order to realize this goal support is needed in order to construct the second shelter. Please consider supporting this worthwhile project that will further enable the trust to become more self-sufficient while we struggle to meet the needs of the children in the communities served.

Please visit the How You Can Help page for two ways to support our work.

The following are photos of the existing poultry farming project.

                                                                                                                                    Water tank to ensure sufficient supply for the chickens

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