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Mission Statement

The mission of the Milani Charitable Trust are described as follows which includes both short term and long term objectives:

Some of our short term objectives include:

  • Conducting educational programs in rural and urban areas where the trust has an active presence
  • The distribution of school supplies to the poor children in the communities in which we work
  • The organization of health camps in order to assist the poor with medical needs including: eye examinations, immunization and vaccination campaigns particularly against preventable childhood diseases, in addition to preventative care for communities in need.
Some of our longer term objectives include:
  • The establishment and maintenance of homes for the aged, orphaned and physically challenged children, lepers and the destitute, regardless of caste or religion
  • The creation of links to established educational institutions, for the promotion of Literature, Arts, Sciences, Health, Sanitation, and medical training.
  • To ensure the children and elderly in the care of a program managed by the Milani Charitable Trust receive proper nutrition and medical care
  • The adoption of villages in need with the aim of advancing development activities including but not limited to the provision of potable drinking water, electricity connections, reforestation, medical facilities and educational facilities while working in conjunction with the relevant local authorities created for this purpose
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